Where do I report suspicious activity?

If you find any content, videos, websites, or emails pretending to be spam, please report them instantly so that our team can keep our community safe.

How do you avoid phishing attacks?

When someone is giving his personal information including passwords, credit card numbers or any other sensitive data, phishing attacks occur. This warning sign can also happen on Bakbakum. In this regard, we recommend the user to be careful with any of these or similar online activities, as these could be phishing attacks attempting to gain access to your login information.

What is two-step verification?

Two-step verification is a way to safeguard your account. When your password is compromised, two-step verification gives you extra security to your account for unauthorized access from third-party devices or applications. Going to your Bakbakum account, you can enable two-step verification.

How do you create a secure password?

For enjoying a safe experience on Bakbakum need a secure password for all users. In this case, when you will create an account on Bakbakum, you need to create a strong password carefully so that none can guess it and you can remember it always. In this regard, you can use a long password and with a mix of letter, numbers & symbols.

What is available on Bakbakum?

Everything that you need to be entertained. For example, film, animation, music, sports, travels & events, gaming, comedy, blog, news, lifestyle and so on.

How to create an account on Bakbakum?

To create an account on Bakbakum is very easy. Going to register, just fill out the necessary field and then clink on Sign Up.