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About Bakbakum

Bakbakum is a Multi-Channel Network (MCN) Company. Bakbakum is the first United Arab Emirates-owned E-networking giant MCN Company that has launched a self-contained LLC company along with its own server as well as its own video platform. Basically, Bakbakum is one of the sister companies of Universe Digital Solutions LLC in United Arab Emirates.

Universe Digital Solutions, as an MCN company, has served many of the newly established digital platform companies - including Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Apple, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, car companies- Lamborghini & Ferrari, Twitter, VK Social Media, e-commerce Amazon, E-commerce eBay, Walmart & TV network National Geographic Channel, etc. After more than a decade of working in the content creation and online advertising sector in the online world, Universe Digital Solutions LLC-the first MCN Company in the world - has launched its own video platform Bakbakum. Keeping in mind the content creators of the online world, Universe Digital Solutions has launched Bak-bakum.com, the world's most advanced user-friendly video platform with the world's first full HD and 4K resolution media player. Universe Digital Solutions always believes in creation. But due to the small number of video platforms in the online world, as well as the number of MCN network companies around the world, including Google, no MCN company has its own video platform - the multifaceted benefits of any MCN company around the world - content creators cannot directly enjoy. So to find content creators scattered around the world and to build direct bridges with content creators and MCN companies, this is the first time in the world that Universe Digital Solutions LLC Company is launching from United Arab Emirates - the most modern video platform in the history of the world with direct MCN monetization facilities.


 In addition to launching its own video platform as an MCN company, Bakbakum has brought good news for video content creators in the online world. As the world's first video platform company, Bak Bakum became the sole content owner of YouTube. Bak Bakum thinks this will be a new milestone for video content creators around the world. Because of Bakbakum's Content Partner ownership agreement with YouTube, those who have been uploading their own content on YouTube as unique content creators for so long can import videos directly from YouTube to the new channel Bakbakum MCN. Under the agreement with Bakbakum MCN and YouTube, Youtubers / Content Creators will be able to keep the YouTube channel and the previous MCN running as usual. At the same time, the new channel made on Bakbakum MCN can also import videos directly from YouTube and can be activated Monetization immediately. In that case, YouTube and Bakbakum will have no problem with copyright strikes. Content creators will be able to generate more revenue from Bakbakum MCN than any other MCN due to the facility to activate monetization by importing new videos directly to Bakbakum MCN Network.


However, if any YouTubers or video content creators want to run separate monetization of content on YouTube and Bakbakum MCN on two platforms at the same time, they will be able to do it after following the terms and conditions and the proper guidelines of content-making of Bakbakum authority. The Bakbakum Authority is instructing all the content creators of the world to understand all rules and regulations of content creation given by the Bakbakum Authority while creating the content In the case of content creation if you create content without following the proper guidelines, monetization will not be approved by Bakbakum MCN Authority.